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STOIK Imagic is powerful and very easy-to-use combination of photo album, organizer, media viewer, image and video editor with exhaustive set of tools for all your media needs and tasks. It has unique list of modern desired features: convenient organizing and cataloging through fast media indexing; browsing by folders, calendar, tags; powerful search by file and EXIF attributes; automatic batch enhancement; panorama and HDR stitching; RAW file conversion; video authoring; creation of games and paint-by-numbers and many more…

First version of STOIK Imagic was developed in 1997. Today over 20 millions copies of the popular software are distributed all over the world.

Fast Indexing, Easy Cataloguing, Multiple Browse and Search Options

Get all media files automatically organized. Easily find and access them in various ways

Even if your digital photos and videos are scattered all over your computer, STOIK Imagic 5 automatically organizes them all for your convenience. New very fast indexing algorithm scans thousands of image and video files on your computer in few minutes.

You can access your media files using the Folder Tree, or the Calendar Browser which can displays your collection organized by Year/Folder, Months, or Events

You organize your photos and videos into virtual categories using Tags and Tags Browser.

Imagic now offers powerful search tools – you can search media files by file and EXIF attributes.

Batch Processing, Quick Fix, and Advice function for Photo Enhancement

Improvement wizard

Accessible directly in Browser mode the Improvement Wizard is powerful tool to batch process multiple photos at once and correct most common quality issues such as under or over exposure, noise, ‘red eye’. The processing can be done in interactive mode where you can accept or reject corrections by reviewing a ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.

Advice function and Quick Fix tools in Viewer 

When you turn on the new Advice function Imagic will analyze the quality of the photos while you are reviewing them in the Viewer mode. If any quality problems are detected, Imagic will report them and suggest a fix.

Quick fix tools for common defects such as noise, ‘red eye’, under or over exposure are now available in dockable panel directly in Viewer.

Full Feature Image Editor and RAW Converter

Powerful enhancement and editing tools

In addition to automatic tools for adjustment such as Auto Levels, Auto Colors, Auto Contrast, STOIK Noise Autofix, the built-in photo editor offers a set of special correction instruments such as Skin Makeup, Lens Correction, Exposure, Color Variations, unique Retouch Brush for manual correction of small photo defects, Remove Red Eye with automatic and precise manual modes, Correct Scanned Photo tool for your old scanned photos.

Built-in photo editor also offers all necessary editing and drawing functions including advanced Crop with document photo templates, Horizon for easy straightening of photos, Collages, photographic Edges and frames, and many many more.

Develop RAW and flat photo files with non-destructive Dark Room editor

Imagic Dark Room offers both professionals and hobbyists a complete set of enhancement tools and export options. In the Dark Room all image adjustments are saved as a set of enhancement parameters associated with the image, the original image is always kept intact. Advanced JPEG export in Imagic Dark Room allows optimizing the output image quality, and provides significant – up to 1.5 times – reduction of JPEG file size compared to same quality JPEGs created with other software tools.

Panorama and HDR Stitching


  • Automatically stitch seamless panoramas with just single click directly in Browser mode.
  • Create an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image from exposure-bracketed photos with automatic alignment of photos with moving objects to avoid ‘ghosts’.



Geotagging. View photos on map, assign and edit location information of photos through integration with Google Earth or Google Maps.

Integrated Video Editor

STOIK Imagic 5 has integrated video editor, and you can edit your videos in Imagic as easily as you edit photos in a a step-by-step process:

  • Select photos and videos in Imagic Browser and click Video Editor to bring all selected media files to a story board of a Video Editor.
  • Correct brightness/contrast, rotation and durations of media clips.
  • Apply effects and transitions between media clips – manually or automatically.
  • Add animated or static titles if needed.
  • Record and add voice-over narration, add any audio file to the audio track.
  • Preview and produce your movie in any of multiple supported video formats such as MPEG4 AVI, WMV or MPEG-2 for DVD.

Have Fun!


  • Create visual games from photos
  • STOIK Imagic 5 allows you to create and play visual games – jigsaw puzzle, fifteen puzzle, and swap puzzle – made from your photos.


Have fun with multiple artistic effects

STOIK Imagic 5 offers rich collection of artistic effects to help you turn your photo into a piece of art – create an imitation of oil painting, hand drawing, add frames , edges, or borders, and much more.

Be creative with your photos

STOIK Imagic 5 is loaded with a comprehensive collection of tools for creative design with your photos, use them to create photographic frames, edges, balloons, clipart, greetings cards, calendars, and more. Decorate your images using powerful drawing tools, including various brushes, shapes, text etc.

Share your photos and videos


  • Automatically generate Web Albums and upload them to your web site. Upload photos from Imagic to to Google Picasa Web Albums.
  • Send photos by e-mail, burn photos and slideshows on CD , create web album and dynamic slide show.
  • Use advanced printing options with multiple print templates for home printing and built-in module for ordering prints online.



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STOIK Imagic Premium
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