SenseQuiet Grain

SenseQuiet Offers Harvesting Efficiency, Precision Yield, Elevate Agricultural Management Blissfully.

Optimize agricultural management with SenseQuiet Grain. Precision yields for a blissful harvest.

Features & Description of SenseQuiet Grain

SenseQuiet Grain is an accounts and double quantity stock management software, developed specifically for wholesalers / retailers in grain market. It provide users flexible platform for recording daily receipts, payments, sales, purchases & other account-to-account, item-to-item & location-to-location adjustments. It comes with easy to configure account types, accounts, item brands, items, brokers & locations master files. Vouchers format offer you to mark deduction of Income Tax from payments & receipts, it tracks record of pending challan which has not been received or deposited into bank. Software offer users to maintain list of pending bills to be paid or received. It preserves minimum stock level and generate list of items to be purchased. Order tracking system produce accumulated and separate lists of accomplished / pending or cancelled orders. Reporting section come with bundle of valuable statements & registers including Sales / Purchase Report, Receivable/Payable Ageing, Sales Invoice / Delivery Challan Printout, Accounts Ledger, Trial Balance, Stock Ledger, Gross P/L, Stock Report, Net P/L and Balance Sheet.

Precision Yield

Streamline grain management, enhancing efficiency from planting to harvest with intuitive tools.

Agricultural Bliss

Elevate agricultural operations effortlessly with SenseQuiet Grain, ensuring a blissful and prosperous harvest.

Harvesting Efficiency

Streamline grain management, enhancing efficiency from planting to harvest with intuitive tools.

Output Highlights

  • Categorized List of Accounts
  • Categorized List of Items
  • Purchase / Sale Contracts Register
  • Purchases / Sales Register
  • Location wise Inventory Adjustment Reigster
  • Vouchers Register
  • Vouchers Printout
  • Invoice / Challan Printout
  • Vouchers Printout
  • Day Book
  • Account Ledger
  • Item Ledger
  • Receivable / Payable Aging
  • Receivable / Payable Summary
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Trading P/L Summary
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Input Highlights

  • Categorized Chart of Accounts
  • Categorized Items
  • Brokers Master Data
  • Unlimited Storage Location
  • Unlimited Purchase / Sale Contracts
  • Unlimited Sales / Sale Returns
  • Unlimited Purchases / Purchase Returns
  • Unlimited Cash / Bank Receipt Vouchers
  • Unlimited Cash / Bank Payment Vouchers
  • Unlimited Journal Vouchers

Computerize Your Business with SenseQuiet.

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