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SilentRun is a small and handy Windows system software tool that can easily let you run multiple programs silently in the background. It can hide program windows and interfaces, and increase or decrease the priority of background processes. For some programs with sound output, SilentRun can also mute the program then run it silently in the background.

SilentRun has a simple interface and is very easy to use. To run a program silently, simply drag the selection box in the upper left corner of the SilentRun window to the title bar or the window of the program that needs to be run silently. You will see the program is selected by SilentRun and a thumbnail of the program would be displayed in the preview area. (Some applications use the non-standard GUI and that might be displayed as a solid black square). After that, you can select the background silent running priority (the default is the "Normal" priority) under the preview area, and set whether to mute the sound output, and finally click the "Hide It" button. You can repeat the above steps to let multiple programs run silently in the background.

Quitting SilentRun will not close these programs that run silently in the background. You can open SilentRun at any time, restore these programs in the "Silent Processes "list on the left, make them visible and run in the foreground, or close and kill processes directly.

In addition to the GUI visual interface, SilentRun also provides the command line mode, which allows you to run other visual programs through the command line. It automatically hides the interface of these programs and places them in the background to run silently. The command line mode also supports providing parameters to invoked programs and EXEs.

SilentRun Features

Run Programs Silently in the Background
Hide Program UI
Customize Process Priority
Mute Run Programs
Keep Programs Alive while Exiting
Command Line Mode
Support Parameters for Command Line
Portable Version


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SilentRun PRO
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