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MessageViewer Lite email viewer makes it easy to view email messages formatted as .msg or .eml files.

This simple email viewer is perfect for accessing .msg and .eml mail files just by clicking on them.  MessageViewer Lite is used in enterprises to complement CRM applications that may contain .msg or .eml messages. It's also perfect for individuals who just want easy access to .eml or .msg emails without having to install a full email client.

MessageViewer Lite opens .msg files created by Outlook and other applications, or .eml files created by Lotus Notes, Groupwise, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail.

MessageViewer Lite can be set as the Windows default app to open email files. Just click on the file and it will open.  Access email file attachments, and save to a folder.  Print emails.  View email internet header information.

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MessageViewer Lite Email Viewer
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