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Hulbee Desktop PRO is designed for users who need outstanding visual desktop searching within large datasets. Precise categorization, document management and the preview function all provide substantial timesaving.

Datasets rapidly reach an unmanageable size these days. Precise categorization of relevant information and unstructured data is thus increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Hulbee Desktop Professional is one of the most powerful desktop search engines on the market, and significantly facilitates searching for documents in this situation, supporting business intelligence in the company.  Within the data structure, the visually appealing desktop search searches each computer, all linked network drives, and even the current email programs, regardless of file format within the context. 

Download Hulbee Desktop Pro

For the Professional Edition a licence fee is payable for professional use by companies.

The Hulbee Enterprise version is for companies is under development. Our focus is on user-friendliness and visual document management:

  • Hulbee Desktop PRO uses fuzzy logic to search for associated search terms in the full text, and finds the appropriate information sorted by context, even if there are spelling mistakes or typos.
  • Additional search in compressed files: Hulbee Desktop PRO opens files independently in many file formats. So there is no need to install archive programs.
  • Hulbee Desktop PRO searches through email archives and email post boxes and attachments.
  • The preview window enables the user to immediately access the highlighted context passage.
  • The directory tree structures the search results clearly by category and supports the document management
  • The desktop search supports for example MS Outlook, Vista Mail, Thunderbird and Lotus Notes (with supplementary module), supporting almost all file formats: from common formats such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, MP3, ZIP through to ARC, ARJ, LHA and ZOO files.

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Hulbee Desktop Professional
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