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DupInOut Duplicate Finder is a specialized duplicate file finder that helps you reclaim lost storage space and get rid of GBs of digital junk accumulated over years & make room for new files. Moreover, it contains in-house File Organizer and Folder Compare tools to help you organize files and compare folders respectively.


  • Reclaim your lost storage space within minutes
  • Ultra-fast file hashing algorithms
  • Keeps your data clean and organized
  • Delete duplicate files permanently
  • Move duplicate files to another folder
  • Add a prefix or suffix to the duplicate copies to distinguish between the original files and duplicates
  • In-house file previewing (images and videos)
  • Comprehensive duplicates report with a pie-chart
  • Export duplicate files list to an HTML file
  • Mark duplicates with One-Click (newest in group, oldest in group, etc) 
  • Custom marking (mark files by their name, size, directory, date, etc)
  • Import & export search profile
  • File Organizer: Organize your files in your own folder structure and never miss a single important file. Store your files in logical folder structures based on their creation date, modification date and file type.
  • Folder Compare: This in-house feature helps users compare the Source Folder and Target Folder and get the list of same files, different files and additional files in each folder.
  • Save session and re-load the same duplicates list later
  • Automatic shutdown/ put the computer to sleep after duplicate scan


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DupInOut Duplicate Finder
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