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PROMO! Navitel Navigator. 11 seas

PROMO! Navitel Navigator. 11 seas

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For Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone.  «Navitel Navigator» with detailed maps of  Turkey and 10 countries of Eastern Europe
For those, who are going on sea vacations- Navitel Navigator with maps of Turkey and 9 countries in Eastern Europe at a special price!
“Navitel Navigator” — unique and precise navigation system, including detailed navigation maps and free services “Navitel.Traffic”, “Navitel.Friends”, “Navitel.SMS”, “Navitel.Events”, Dynamic POI and “Navitel.Weather”.

Navigation maps package «11 seas» includes detailed navigation maps of cities, huge POIs data: hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, movies and culture objects, sightseeing, sport and social objects, stores, hospitals and drugstores, gas stations and many more – will help not to get lost in a country and have great vacations!  

Instant routing, taking into account traffic situation, will help to reach your destination in shortest time.


What is included into the map package «11 seas» for Navitel Navigator:


Total road length (km)

HD cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities on the map



20 084


2 724



90 214


5 389

29 821

Bosnia and Herzegovina

133 521


6 642

3 202


398 767


26 189

104 796


18 691


1 822

1 840


53 708


16 576

11 181


48 496

6 020

6 205

4 398


570 576

29 853

53 679

718 019


1 099 418


29 832

75 328


75 876

1 828

6 661

10 327


6 944



1 038


Navitel Navigator Features:

“Navitel.Traffic” is a free service. All Navitel Navigator users automatically inform server about street traffic, if the service is activated. Your speed is anonymously sent to the analytics server, where the data is being collected and processed. The server sends backwards collected traffic information, so you can see colored lines on map and device can create an optimal route using traffic jams information.

Navitel.Friends” is an interactive service which provides an opportunity to see your friends’ location on the map, chat or make a route to meet them.

“Navitel.Events” — a new free interactive service allows users to fix and see on the map other users marks of the various types of road events, such as road accidents, car crashes, roadworks, speed cameras and other warnings.

“Navitel.SMS”. Free service. It allows you to send SMS with your coordinates. The recipient’s Navitel Navigator software can show received coordinates on map and create a route to it.

Navitel.Weather service shows weather forecast for 3 days for any place in the world.

“Routes”. Creating routes in a city and in a country is one of the main functions of the navigation system. Navitel Navigator automatically creates optimal route and allows you to set it as you want.

  • Instant routing of any complexity;
  • Transit routing between countries;
  • Easy, intuitive and customizable interface, support for alternative themes (skins);
  • Map search “Find everything!” can use different address types (which includes double addressing, housings, etc.);
  • 3D cartography:3D road junctions and important objects of architecture;
  • System of the dangerous road sections notifications “SPEEDCAM” (including speed cameras location) ;
  • Track import/export, recording, waypoints (own tags of user on the map);
  • User-friendly interface (large virtual buttons for touchscreen devices);
  • Timely voice hints (menu and voice guidance in 25 languages);
  • Free regular map and software updates.

Navitel Navigator electronic version with map package “11 seas” can be activated at any smartphone/ tablet, working on: Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Android. Please note that purchased electronic versions cannot be activated on iPhone/iPad or PNDs (WinCE).

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